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Financial Pizza

Dec 13, 2019

This week features Coach Pete D'Arruda on America's 401(k) Show where he talks with Ted Banna, the guy who created the 401(k). Kevin Frisbie and Lance Gilman discuss tax planning in retirement. Marc Geels tackles the bucketing strategy in retirement planning. Greg Berian takes us through a case study. We also have a Brokers Behaving Badly, a Retirement Road Trip and an interview that touches on dealing with a co-workers serious illness. 

1:00  Steve Open
2:15  Coach Pete on America's 401-K Show
6:41  Kevin Frisbie & Lance Gilman on Financial Safari
11:43 Steve Brokers Behaving Badly
13:42 Marc Geels on Marc on Money
17:23 Dave Perkins Retirement Road Trip
19:42 Interview with Rebecca Nellis and Kathy Flora from Cancer and Careers.
23:39 Greg Berian on A Plus Retirement