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Financial Pizza

Sep 24, 2021

Another eclectic mix of financial nuggets including Coach Pete D’Arruda turning paychecks into paychecks. Paul Roberts and Kevin Frisbie have some interesting insight to cryptocurrency. Mike Levy says today’s life insurance could even work for single people. Brian Quaranta gets into new rules for inherited IRA’s.

Sep 17, 2021

An eclectic mix of financial talk on this week's pizza. Coach Pete D’Arruda has inflation on his  mind. Paul Roberts and Eric Kearney both talking about cryptocurrency and is it right for your portfolio. Joe Murphy has some do’s when it comes to retirement planning. Richard Pellitier says don’t forget about the...

Sep 10, 2021

This week's pizza features slices from Coach Pete D’Arruda talking about retirement myths. Eric Kearney asks how much is too much risk in your retirement plan. Kevin Frisbie says some annuities can be beneficial in retirement. Marc Geels puts the old 4% rule to rest. Steve Sedahl shares his 9/11 story....

Sep 3, 2021

This week Coach Pete D’Arruda explains what a front end load means. Marc Geels breaks down how segmented your retirement dollars can get you where you want to be in retirement. Eric Kearney talks about sequence of returns. Dave Perkins takes us back to 1962 and Steve Sedahl has a new Brokers Behaving Badly....