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Financial Pizza

Jun 25, 2021

Another eclectic mix of retirement themed tidbits from independent advisors around the country. Coach Pete D’Arruda talks about estate planning. Eric Kearney explains why purpose determines placement. Richard Pellitier has tax planning on his mind. Kevin Frisbie explains what an in-service rollover of your 401(k) is...

Jun 18, 2021

Plenty of discussion this week. Coach Pete D’Arruda says your retirement plan needs to be regularly evaluated. Kevin Frisbie breaks down the pieces of a good retirement plan. Richard Pellitier says it’s a bit tricky if one spouse wants to retire while the other keeps working. Mike Levy points out the importance of...

Jun 11, 2021

This week, gray divorce. It’s a growing problem. One in four couples over 50 divorce and Coach Pete D’Arruda tackles it head on. Richard Pellitier has a different take on life insurance. Nathan Fort has some thoughts on annuities. Marc Geels explains how you can save for retirement and college in the same Roth IRA.

Jun 4, 2021

A busy week for the advisors. Coach Pete D’Arruda weighs in on crypto currency. Eric Kearney tells us about a client that was completely unaware of the SECURE Act and how it could impact his retirement. Nathan Fort highlights SECURE Act 2.0. Marc Geels has some 401(k) tips you need to know. Kevin Brucher talks about...