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Financial Pizza

Dec 25, 2020

This special year end edition of Financial Pizza features some of the best clips from 2020. We hear from Coach Pete D'ArrudaMarc Geels, Brian Quaranta, Robert Kuhn and Richard Pellitier. Call 800-626-6808 Text PIZZA to...

Dec 18, 2020

This week Coach Pete D’Arruda discusses his book 7 Baby Steps. Kevin Frisbie addresses the question of how long do you think your retirement will last. Richard Pellitier breaks down the overall effects of inflation. Theresa Opeka highlights this years trendiest holiday gifts. Steve Sedahl has a Brokers Behaving Badly...

Dec 11, 2020

This week Coach Pete D’Arruda tracks five stocks that, according to an analyst, you should stay away from. Eric Kearney shares a cautionary tale about a 401(k). Marc Geels really digs into the HSA (Health Savings Account). Dave Pimper talks about some year end things you could do to help your retirement. Joe Hamel...

Dec 4, 2020

Coach Pete D’Arruda reveals why he’s called “Coach Pete”. Robert Kuhn talks about market conditions this week. Eric Kearney suggests we hit an “emotional reset” button. Richard Pelliter breaks down asset allocation in a wild market. Kevin Frisbie takes it back to basics with pros and cons of a 401(k).