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Financial Pizza

Mar 27, 2020

Coach Pete D’Arruda takes Steve Sedahl to task on America’s 401(k) show. Eric Kearney talks a little bit of history and applies it to helping his clients today. Richard Pelitier says beware the hype in today’s environment. Kevin Frisbie talks about what he and his team are doing to help people focus on what's...

Mar 20, 2020

Coach Pete D’Arruda talks with Steve Sedahl and cuts through the noise and hype and offers a cool calm and collected viewpoint on what’s happening in the market and how it’s affecting your retirement portfolio. Coach is hunkered down in Las Vegas but not to worry you can reach the team at Capital Financial by...

Mar 13, 2020

Coach Pete D’Arruda tackles the wild market and Coronavirus. Dave Pimper says saving just a little more can make a big difference. A changing market from Brian Quaranta. The SECURE act explained by Richard Peltier. Coach Pete says we need to look at things differently. Dave Perkins has a “Funny Money” segment and

Mar 6, 2020

Another volatile week in the market and the advisors are staying on top of the situation. We hear from Coach Pete D’Arruda talking about hidden fees in our portfolio and how to avoid them. Dave Pimper talks about market volatility and making sure our portfolios are protected. Brain Quaranta dissects part of the new...